"Anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference has never spent the night in a bedroom with a mosquito!" (anonymous)

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In October 2000, Kelly Zirbes began raising awareness of hepatitis C to honor her friend, Gioia, who lost her battle with the disease. Determined to get the word out about Hep C, she put together shows, toured all over the country with her band Kelly's Lot, ran marathons, and performed at community events that shared a common focus... to raise awareness of Hepatitis C. After more than 4 years of work dedicated to this mission, Kelly started the Hep C Postcard campaign and began building a coalition of musicians and street teams to help her raise awareness on a larger scale. There have been a variety of events including three telethons which aired live on the internet. The last one was aired on television in Southern California!  Get involved and help us get information to your community! (more)


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The postcard campaign provides the basic facts and information to help people determine who is at risk and how to get help.  Musicians help by distributing the postcards at their shows and Street Teams put them anywhere they can within their community. We need help - anyone is welcome to join our mission...

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~ Upcoming Events in 2011! ~

May 19, 2011 Worldwide
May is Hepatitis Month and the 19th is Hepatitis C DayMORE TBA

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